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Getting Outside 

Getting outside is a great way to break up the day while getting some exercise and fresh air.  It can feel overwhelming to get out of the house with an infant , make it easier with theses tips: 


Want to read more, scroll down to reach about each tip in detail. ​

Picnic Spot
Cute Baby Items
Girl With Red Backpack

Travel Light


For example for a 6 hour activity you need: 

  • 4 diapers​

  • Small pack of wipes (use the small fillable wipes containers to avoid carrying the big pack) 

  • Foldable changing pad (get one that has a place to carry diapers and wipes) 

  • 2 onesie pajamas with feet 

  • Water proof bag or plastic bag

  • Snacks for you and baby (keep it light and compact - bars, crackers, dates) 

  • Water bottle 

  • Bottles and frozen milk or formula if needed

  • Small wallet with ID, Credit card and a little cash, leave all the gift cards at home. (Take photos of IDs like insurance cards, AAA, so you can keep your wallet light) 

  • Small bag (about the size of your palm) of your essentials (for me its: chapstick, lip gloss, a few bandaids, travel tweezers, cover up, hair ties, bobby pins, gum, solid perfume, travel lotion and my head phones) 

  • Depending on weather: pack an extra hat, socks, blanket etc) 

  •  If you are going to a park, a water proof blanket that folds up compactly is a must   


Note: All of these item should fit into a small back pack or fanny pack so you can feel free and not dragged down by all of your stuff!

Jogging in Park
Women in the Street
Workout Friends
Image by Fabian Centeno

Make a Friend ​

Making friends is hard, but what if you reframed your idea of friend? Do you need meet your soul friend, or do you just need somebody who is free on the days you have the baby?  Could you hang out with that mom you met in baby yoga, if it meant that it forced you to get out of the house for a few hours? The answers may change from pregnancy to postpartum. Being the parent club is a unique experience, people you would have never looked at twice are now your BFF because you have kids the same age.  Being open to putting yourself out there can spark friendships and build community in ways you may not have predicted. 

After talking to many parents about how they build community we have compiled a list we like to call the "Where to meet people- the after baby edition" 


Where to meet people- the after baby edition

Join a Group 

  •  Bumble BFF  just like the dating app, except people are looking for friends.  We talked to many parents who have used this to connect with other parents looking to hang out. 

  • Mainstreet Mamas- you can join the group in your city to meet people, get tips, hear about new offerings in the community.   

  • Golden Gate Mother's Group. They have meet ups, playgroups and events. Check it our here: 

Go to a Class 

  • Natural Resources offers parent classes and groups.

  • Exercise Classes- there are so many in San Francisco, so I will not list them all here but a few that people told us they liked are: Lotus Method, Yoga Tree, any of Jane Austin's classes, Yoga Flow SF (some sites have childcare during the class) 

Hang out at a Park 

  • The local park is for new parents what the Mall was for teens in the 90's. 

  • Don't be afraid to say Hi!  Meeting other parents at the park is a great way to get to know families in your neighborhood.  Bring a few sand toys and offer to share. 

Indian Architecture
Mother and Baby on the Beach
Hiking With Child

Go to Places that excite you 

There is no rule that every place you go to has to be designed for babies.  In fact, in most of the new parent groups I have seen half of the babies are sleeping, crying or trying crawl away.  

When thinking about where to go, do something you like.  Your baby will be happier if you are happier.  And really do you need to sing The Wheels on the Bus one more time?

Ways to get out with a baby: 

Accessible trails: 

  • All Trails has mapped out trails all over the Bay Area and beyond.  They have trails for strollers and each trail write up includes difficulty, trail type (dirt, paved etc) elevation and hiker reviews  

  • Bay Area Ridge Trails has trails all over the bay area, they have a section on wheelchair accessible trails which is perfect for a stroller 

  • Look up "wheelchair accessible" or "stroller walks" into any browser and you will get a long list from all of the parent bloggers and outdoor enthusiast 


  • Many museums are free or low cost on certain days. Check out the list from SF Tourism Tips

  • Thanks to the amazing work done by the Americans with Disabilities Act many places are easy to navigate with a stroller.  I usually carried by babies in the carrier and used the stroller to hold my diaper bag. 

Find what excites you- if you have found a cool spot or place to go let us know and we will add it here. 

Mothers and their Baby
Jogging with Stroller
Image by Olivia O'Connor

Find the Right Mode of Transportation 

This section does not need a lot of explanation.  There are many ways to transport your baby, try out the different things to find what is right for you. 

Baby Wearing: Wearing your baby is nothing new, actually it has been the way for centuries. There are now classes and many baby stores have samples that you can try one to see what carrier works best for you. 

Stroller:  If you can afford it and have a place to store it, a jogger stroller with the big wheels is a game changer.  Look for a used or refurbished one to help cut the cost. 

Levitation: This technology has not come to fruition yet, but I am sure that someone is working on it. 

Travel Light
Make a Friend
Go Places
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