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Lactation Services 

Infant of mixed ethnicity (Hispanic and African-American) is breastfed.jpg

Lactation Consultation 

All lactation consultations include 2 in home visits and access to the lactation consultant for 3 weeks.  If further evaluation and support is needed, clients can purchase al a carte visits as an add on to the initial visits. 

Initial Evaluation: 

  • 1-2 hour in home evaluation

  • Assessment of infant feeding including: 

    • Weight checks of the infant to insure adequate intake 

    • Evaluation of nursing technique  

    • Troubleshooting nursing issues 

    • Support for breastfeeding, chest feeding, bottle feeding or mixed methods 


Follow Up: 

  • Virtual or in person visit as needed.

  • Follow up on outcome measures determined at initial evaluation (Ex: infant weight, improvement of nipple damage)

Phone, text and email support: 

  • All questions are responded to within 24 hours

  • 3 weeks of access by phone, text or email 

Cost: $ 350

Á La Carte Visits (add on visits) 

  • Baby Weight Check: 30 minute visit.  Cost: $75 

  • Directed Follow Up: 1 hour visit. Cost: $200 

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