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SFFD Female Health Summit

Uplifting Education for the Women in the Fire Service 

Sponsored by United Fire Service Women

This full day workshop focuses on the health and wellbeing of female firefighters. Topics follow the cycles of the life from menstruation to pregnancy and postpartum to menopause.  This workshop explores the various stages of a person's life with attention to both evidence based recommendations

and a holistic approach to optimal health. 

May 25, 2023 9:00a-4:00p

LUX-SF, Inc.
2325 3rd St. #347
San Francisco, CA 94107

Meet Our Speakers 



Main Topics 


Living in the Female Body 101

Exploration of the interplay between the ebb and flow of hormones, cells and body systems. Understanding women's natural rhythms and how to use fluctuations in the menstrual cycle as an indicator of over all health. Discussion will include anatomy and the most current research in female health, including female pleasure, vulvar health and wellbeing.


Speaker: Serena Saeed-Winn, Mom, CNM, WHNP, IBCLC, RN


Body Mechanics for Female Firefighters 

Prevention is the best medicine! We will be reviewing common injuries that occur in the workspace, specific to women. We will then practice proper body mechanics and practices to minimize the likelihood of injury. We will end with some practical ways to maximize pelvic and core strength in order to provide stability with work related tasks and beyond.

Speaker: Charisse Balance, PT, DPT, RYT


Morning Breakout Courses


Informed Pregnancy and Postpartum

Practical information to help navigate pregnancy in the Bay Area. We will discuss the variety of options for prenatal care, birth and postpartum. The discussion will include ways to support an informed transition into parenthood. Great information for people having their first child, their fifth child or supporting their partner through this journey. 

Speaker: Kelly Wong McGrath, CNM, AGPCNP


Menopause as a Rite of Passage

Exploration of Menopause as a beginning of a new chapter in a woman’s life. Discussion to include the impact of hormonal fluctuations on the body and ways to work with discomforts.

Speaker: Julie Birdsong, CNM, WHNP, RN 


Afternoon Breakout Courses

Navigating the Emotional Components of Firefighting

It takes a lot of discipline, strength, courage and clear quick decision-making to do this work. It can be difficult to slow down, let go, feel the feels, be a little messy, or go easy on yourself.  Having a child of your own, taking on another caregiver role in your personal life, or experiencing loss or grief may impact your experience on the job. Let's spend this hour working with ways to take care of ourselves first.

Speaker: Amelia Kriss, CPCC, RDT


Transition to Leadership, Mentor vs Sponsor.  

How to reach back to our younger sisters to lend a hand, while allowing your experience, heart and grit to shine bright.  A conversation with five SFFD female leaders, both current and past, about transitioning into a leadership role.   “A mentor talks to you and a sponsor talks about you”.

Speakers: TBA


End of day: Cocktails and meet and greet. 

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